Sketch Nerds Podcast

Sketch Nerds is a weekly podcast about the art of sketch comedy. We chat about our favorite sketches and what works and what doesn’t work. Our hosts are Andy Weld, Julian Morgan and Seth Alcorn and each week we feature a new guest. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, SpotifyStitcher and Podbean! To submit sketches for us to break down message us!

Episode 22: “Your Name Sir?” by A Bit Of Fry & Laurie and “Ass Pennies” by Upright Citizens Brigade.

Episode 21: “Board Meeting” by Upright Citizens Brigade and “Everything Is Fine” by LoadingReadyRun.

Episode 20: “It’s a Football Thing” by MadTV and “Better Roots” by W/ Bob & David.

Episode 19: “Upper-Class Twit of the Year” by Monty Python and “Numberwang” by That Mitchell and Webb Look.

Episode 18: “Daddy Drank” by The Kids In The Hall and “Too Many Cooks” by Adult Swim.

Episode 17: “Hormones” by The State with special guest Josh Higham of My First Sketch at the Philly Sketchfest.

Episode 16: “Shafted: Marion Donovan’s Trailblazing Diapers” by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and “Confessions of a Tooth Fairy” by Kristen Wiig & Melinda Hill.

Episode 15: “The Interrogation Sketch” by W/ Bob & David and “The Front Fell Off” by Clarke and Dawe.

Episode 14: “Half Wits” by Second City TV and “So That’s The Way You Like It” by Beyond The Fringe.

Episode 13: “Toast” by Good Neighbor and “The Big Cheese” by Dexter’s Laboratory.

Episode 12: “Tron Carter’s Law & Order” by Chappelle’s Show and “My Mom’s a MILF” by Good Neighbor.

Episode 11:  “Real MF Talk” by MADtv and “Dinner Discussion” by Saturday Night Live.

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