Sketch Nerds Podcast

Sketch Nerds is a comedy podcast about the craft of sketch comedy. You can find our podcast on iTunes, SpotifyStitcher, Amazon MusicPodbean and more! We sit down with fellow sketch nerds and chat about your favorite sketches and discuss what works, what doesn’t work and why. Our hosts are Andy Weld, Isaiah Headen and Seth Alcorn. To suggest a sketch for us to feature on the show, please contact us.

Episode 60: “Roe v. Wade Cold Open ” by Saturday Night Live and “Kites” by Three Princes featuring Jessica Randazzo. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Episode 59: Best Sketches of 2021 featuring Mike Bock. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Episode 58: Remembering Norm Macdonald featuring Josh Higham. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Episode 57: “Prices” by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and “Trying to Sell a Bomb Before it EXPLODES!” by Wizards with Guns featuring Ashley Nimmo. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Episode 56: “Taco Man” by The State and “The Continental” by SNL featuring Curt Riedy. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Episode 55: “Gungan Style (Gangnam Style Parody)” by Funny or Die and “The Blue Jean Committee” by SNL featuring Cam Wyllie. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Episode 54: Top Ten Sketches of 2020. Watch the full show on YouTube.

Episode 53: Post-Apocalyptic Sketches by Key & Peele, Human Giant, Saturday Night Live, That Mitchell and Webb Look and Beyond the Fringe.

Episode 52: “Honest Interracial Date” by CollegeHumor and “Weekend Terrorist” by Low Budget Sketch Show featuring Isaiah Headen of Bad Medicine.

Episode 51: “Fruit Blood” by Brad Neely and “Old Lighthouse Jeffers” by The State featuring Stephanie House of The House Band from Drafthouse Comedy Theater.

Episode 50: “Taste Test” by Saturday Night Live and “Episode 9” of the web series Welcome Back featuring Sabrina Brennan and Nina Kramer of The Matriarchy.

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We would like to thank Cat Bondoc for the original cover art and for providing the closing music tracks. This podcast was mixed by Music Tools and all clips in this podcast were used in compliance with the U.S. copyrights act fair use exception for criticism and commentary. For inquires about the Sketch Nerds Podcast, please contact us.