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Sketch Nerds is a comedy podcast about the craft of sketch comedy. You can find our podcast on iTunes, SpotifyStitcher, Amazon MusicPodbean and more! We sit down with fellow sketch nerds and chat about your favorite sketches and discuss what works, what doesn’t work and why. Our hosts are Andy Weld, Julian Morgan and Seth Alcorn. To suggest a sketch for us to feature on the show, please contact us.

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Episode 49: “Cat Friendly Apartment” and “Joses” by Like Butter featuring Erik Grivalsky and Lee’at Bruhl of Like Butter.

Episode 48: “112th Annual Baby of the Year” by I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson featuring Sam Stralak and Mike Robertson of Marv n’ Berry.

Episode 47: “The Denise Show: Five Weeks After” and “War Party” by Saturday Night Live featuring Chloe and Lane Ingram of Chlane.

Episode 46: “Paper Towels” by Kiss On The Lips and SketchFest Seattle featuring Cassia Ward of The “Responsible” “Adults”.

Episode 45: “The Falconer” by Saturday Night Live and “What ‘The Sex Talk’ Looks Like Now” by Alternatino with Arturo Castro featuring Amy Vance of Brick Penguin.

Episode 44: “Fatal Beatings” by Rowan Atkinson and “Mr. Dalliard We’ve Been Activated!” by A Bit of Fry & Laurie featuring J.P. McElyea of Bad Medicine.

Episode 43: “The Killer Bees: Home Invasion” by Saturday Night Live and “Do You Do Poison?” by Bruiser featuring Conor Mittelstadt and Langdon Page of sketch duo Homeless Fireparty.

Episode 42: “What’s That Name” by Saturday Night Live and “This House Has People in It” by Adult Swim featuring comedian and improvisor Katie Dunn.

Episode 41: “The Rock” by Cups & A Half featuring Alyssa Truszkowski and Ruthie Iglesias of the sketch group Cups & A Half live from Philly Sketchfest.

Episode 40: “Target Lady Meets Her First Lesbian” by Saturday Night Live and “These Nuts” by Key & Peele featuring Kelsie Anderson of DC comedy website Comedic Pursuits and sketch team Deer Friends.

Episode 39: “The Dollmaker” by Murderfist and “Check it Out! With Dr. Steve Brule” by Adult Swim featuring Chelie Setzer of Brick Penguin.

Episode 38: “Good Grief, the Comedian’s a Bear“ by The Muppet Show featuring brothers AJ Schraeder and AL Schraeder of Unstoppable Failure.

Episode 37: “To Have and Have Not” by Saturday Night Live featuring Julia Schroeder and Nicole Pascaretta of the two woman show The Parent Trap: Lord of the Twins Trilogy.

Episode 36: “Jay Peebee’s PB&J” by the Feeko Brothers and “At the Beach” by Mr. Bean featuring Jim Tatalias of the sketch team Brick Penguin.

Episode 35: “Shia LaBeouf” by Rob Cantor and “Who’s On First” by Abbott & Costello featuring Stephanie Kozikowski and Mike Bock of the Dojo Comedy house sketch team Deer Friends.

Episode 34: Chris Farley As Bennett Brauer” by Saturday Night Live and “Il Gatto” by The Midnight Show featuring comedian and sketch comedy teacher Stephen Hale of the Drafthouse Comedy Theater.

Episode 33: Pretty Living” by Saturday Night Live and the Liam Neeson improv scene from a Life’s Too Short featuring comedian Jaci Pulice of the Washington Improv Theater.

Episode 32: In the Sweet Pie and Pie” by The Three Stooges and “Mornington Crescent Yorkshire Special” by I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue featuring comedian Emily Price from Bad Medicine.

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We would like to thank Cat Bondoc for the original cover art and for providing the closing music tracks. This podcast was mixed by Music Tools and all clips in this podcast were used in compliance with the U.S. copyrights act fair use exception for criticism and commentary. For inquires about the Sketch Nerds Podcast, please contact us.