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Sketch Nerds is a comedy podcast about the craft of sketch comedy. You can find our podcast on iTunes, SpotifyStitcher, Amazon MusicPodbean and more! We sit down with fellow sketch nerds and chat about your favorite sketches and discuss what works, what doesn’t work and why. Our hosts are Andy Weld, Julian Morgan and Seth Alcorn. To suggest a sketch for us to feature on the show, please contact us.

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Episode 31: “Happier With Your Mouth Open” by The Whitest Kids U’ Know and “Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors” by Above Average featuring video director Colin Chocola from Bad Medicine.

Episode 30: “World’s Most Evil Invention” by Saturday Night Live and “Shoe Shop” by A Bit of Fry & Laurie featuring Pete Musto and Andrew Hall from The Midnight Gardeners League.

Episode 29: “East/West College Bowl” by Key & Peele and “Lonny’s Disastrous Date” by Next Time on Lonny featuring Nancy Safavi the executive of Laugh Index Theatre.

Episode 28: “Do Dah Doo Doo” by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and “Went With the Wind” by The Carol Burnett Show featuring comedian Joanna Harris host of Comedy Potluck.

Episode 27: “The Racial Draft” by Chappelle’s Show and “Driving With Your Persian Mom” by Nazanin Nour featuring stand up comedian Martin Amini.

Episode 26: “Horse Feathers” by the Marx Brothers and “Unboxing My Neighbor’s Mail” by Laura Merli featuring podcaster Moxie LaBouche.

Episode 25: “The Elephant Guy” by Steve Martin’s Best Show Ever and “Art Gallery” by Not Only… But Also featuring the SketchFest Seattle staff.

Episode 24: “Say What You Want To Say” by Saturday Night Live and “Good Burger” by All That featuring musical comedian Amelita.

Episode 23: “Sammy Paradise” by Netflix’s The Characters and “Juice Weasel” by In Living Color featuring comedy duo Designer Breeds.

Episode 22: “Your Name Sir?” by A Bit Of Fry & Laurie and “Ass Pennies” by Upright Citizens Brigade featuring sketch comedian Minki Kim.

Episode 21: “Board Meeting” by Upright Citizens Brigade and “Everything Is Fine” by LoadingReadyRun featuring Megan Wills owner of the Charm City Comedy Project.

Episode 20: “It’s a Football Thing” by MadTV and “Better Roots” by W/ Bob & David featuring podcaster Patrick M Doneghy.

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We would like to thank Cat Bondoc for the original cover art and for providing the closing music tracks. This podcast was mixed by Music Tools and all clips in this podcast were used in compliance with the U.S. copyrights act fair use exception for criticism and commentary. For inquires about the Sketch Nerds Podcast, please contact us.